Whether or not you have lived in Chicago doesn’t matter. Facts are fact – The Windy City is the best place in America. Oh, come on, you know it’s true? What? You are saying you need some convincing. Okay, but be warned – you might want to move here after we are done! And if that ends up being the case, be sure to look for the best movers Chicago has for you!

  1. Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

So by extension of that quote, Chicago is next to godliness. Because it is freaking clean! If there is one thing that you can really enjoy, is having a tidy place that just brings a smile to your face. Clean parks, clean streets, clean restaurants and bars. What more can the average person want? Oh, yeah, beer. So on that note…

  1. We Have The Best Beer

Now, it might not be the best in the world per se (looking over to you, Europe), it probably helms the US competition. That’s because every little place here has its own craft beer. And it’s pretty good actually. If you consider yourself beer connoisseur (screw that European word, but whatever), you will definitely enjoy spending a weekend here. Or you know – an entire life!

  1. Also Pizza

Chicago Deep Dish is the thing! If you haven’t tasted it yet, do yourself a favor and hop on a plane. Here in Chicago we have the best pizza. Because what do you like most about the pizza? The dough? The crust? The toppings? Heck, yeah, toppings! Now this is not something you beat easily. I won’t spoil it for you any further, just come and see.

  1. We Actually Have 4 Seasons

You know, there is a story that once upon a time the planet Earth had 4 season – summer and winter were there, but also spring and fall. Ever heard of those two? Well, here you can experience them! With the global warming and all they don’t last as long, but they are still there. So that’s nice.

  1. You Can Stop And Stare

Living in a big city can often mean you are in a rush. Too often you just can’t notice the beauty around you. But that is why Chicago has stepped up its game. Around every corner there are things, which can actually get your attention. You can literally stop and stare. Living here will definitely improve your beauty standards and you will start expecting much more out of other places in the States.

Even if architecture is not your thing, there is something about Chicago that seems authentically simple, unlike most other metropolitan areas in the US. Maybe it is the cleanliness from the first point, or the fact that our lives here are just a bit more chill (because winter, right). Whatever it is, we know how to appreciate beauty and relax a little bit every once in a while.