Be sure to check whether or not a company provides extensive services. If they only offer a single service (perhaps just moving your items with a truck, but no packing), this is a bad sign. Also make sure to call the company and ask them a few questions about the process. If the company is good they should have staff that can handle these types of questions.

No, you don’t have to purchase our packing service when you request a moving quote. However, keep in mind that professional movers can save you quite a lot of time. Still, if you want to do it all by yourself, you are free to only request our movers for loading and transporting your belongings.

No, you can take your time, but keep in mind that prices may change and your quote is only viable for a short period of time. Plus the sooner you book the move the better, because we operate on a schedule and if you are not fitted within it, you will have to wait for the next available date. During peak months this can be quite the challenge, because almost all Chicago movers are fully booked. Then it would be best if you go with a weekday move.

You are by no means obligated to buy packing supplies. We are a Chicago moving company that has access to high quality moving and packing supplies, which are designed for professional use. You don’t have to pay for them either, as they are included in the service. However, you are free to buy your own, if that is what you want.

You can learn more about our services on our About Us page. But as the best movers Chicago has to offer, we are proficient in different kinds of moves – from local to cross-country, from residential to business.

Our prices are specifically tailored to your needs, so we cannot give you an exact price. If you are wondering how we estimate your fee, we take into account how big of a move it will be, how many people it will require and potentially how much time we will have to spend at your place. All of these are factored in the price, as well as the distance of the move. If there are specialty items that need to be moved (musical instrument, special kind of equipment, etc.) we may charge an additional fee for them.

If you have any further questions always feel free to give us a call and ask them. Our friendly and polite staff will be able to give you an answer and inform you on all things related to moving.