While Chicago has not all of a sudden become the moving hub of the States, it is still quite a popular city for a lot of folks. If you want to get yourself outside of the New York rush or you cannot stand the LA heat any longer, than Chicago may just be the place you should move to.

But even so, there are certain things that you may want to know before coming here. Make no mistake, these are not bad or anything, just a bit of facts about things here. However, if they further convince you to come, don’t forget to find some Chicago movers who can handle your move!

  1. Public Transportation is a Thing

While a lot of places in the States have public transportation as more of an addition (which sometimes barely works on a logistical level), Chicago isn’t like that. Alternative forms of transportation here might as well be preferable to having a personal car. Since rush hours are quite long and gridlocks are not exactly rare, you might be better off on a bike (when it is warmer) or public transport.

  1. The Weather Will Determine Your Lifestyle

If you are used to warmer weather, you will likely find the change quite daunting at first. Not only do you have to go a shopping haul to get yourself prepped up for the winter, but you will also have to figure how to live with snow. Because snow affects everything! From how you get to work to how you open the door of your apartment building (for real). Plus you will have to adjust your style – buy yourself a thick winter cap, a nice scarf and some waterproof gloves. You’ll need them!

  1. You Will Also Love It or Hate It

Southerners often think that living up north is a dream, especially when the hot season hits them. We get it, California is a tough place to be in when your skin is melting midsummer. But it is fairly nice during the winter, with snow being virtually non-existent there. Well, things are a lot tougher here in Chicago.

The truth is that the weather is not something all people can deal with. It is often cold, below the point of freezing, and the wind can make it feel even colder. Plus if you don’t have basic understanding of how to protect your skin during the cold months, you may end up with dried skin and worse conditions.

Still, for some people the weather is a welcome change. It definitely feels like a different country altogether, especially if you come from a place like Florida. So no, we don’t have such beaches (although there are beaches, just different), but we also don’t have such humidity, which is often better.

So what do you think, is Chicago your next destination?